Chris Hemsworth vs. Mark Wahlberg: Who's the Hotter Dad?

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To celebrate Father's Day, we're pitting 16 sexy celebrity dads against each other for the title of Hottest Dad in Hollywood. Not only are these men easy on the eyes, but they are doting fathers who make our hearts melt when we see them out and about with their kids. While it wasn't easy to narrow our list to just 16 (we apologize if some of your faves didn't make the cut), we did our best to include the cream of the crop pops. Help omg! determine who is the hottest dad of them all!

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(5) Chris Hemsworth: Who isn't jealous of Chris Hemsworth's adorable 1-year-old daughter, India Rose, when you see photos of her safely curled up in her father's muscular arms? Clearly, she has her dad wrapped around her finger! When "Access Hollywood" asked the 29-year-old “Thor” star about fatherhood, he exclaimed, "It's great! She's just the cutest thing ever." The fact that Hemsworth is a hands-on Hollywood dad — and dotes on 36-year-old wife Elsa Pataky — only adds to the Aussie native’s hotness factor.

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(12) Mark Wahlberg: Could anyone have ever imagined that Marky Mark of the Funky Bunch fame would wind up a devoted father of four? The 42-year-old reformed bad boy — who still has fab abs — has gone on to have an amazing career in Hollywood as both an actor and producer, but insists it's his personal life that gives him the most joy. "It's obviously the most important role that I'll ever play as father and husband," he told Piers Morgan in 2012. "I will not fail." And so far the former Calvin Klein underwear model has kept his promise! Wahlberg as been with longtime love Rhea Durham (whom he married in 2009) for 12 years, and is often spotted spending quality time with their four children: Ella Rae, 9; Michael Robert, 7; Brendan Joseph, 4; and Grace Margaret, 3.