Charlie Sheen quits Twitter

Kathleen Perricone
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Quitters never “win,” but Charlie Sheen has decided to pull the plug on his Twitter account and his nearly eight million followers. The reason? He doesn’t feel he’s “getting anything out of” the social network, according to TMZ. Although the page hasn’t been taken down yet, the “Anger Management” actor doesn’t plan on expressing himself in less than 140 characters anymore and posted his final tweet around midnight on Friday, writing, “reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out,” along with a photo of what looks like a mini bottle of alcohol on the dashboard of a plane which is in flight.

Soon after, Sheen, 46, reached out to his fans the old-fashioned way in a statement to TMZ. “Thank you all for your amazing support,” he said. “Trust me when I say please ‘follow’ me to my next endeavor. It’s gonna be epic.” Sheen first started his @CharlieSheen page last March in the middle of his very public meltdown and gained more than a million followers in the first 24 hours. And he’s evolved much since his first tweet, which was a photo of his then-goddess Bree Olson. Over the past few months, Sheen has used the site to promote his new FX show.

He’s not the only tempestuous celeb to quit Twitter. Last week, Alec Baldwin shut down his account just days after his wedding amid a firestorm of tweets in which he complained incessantly about the paparazzi and the media at large. The “30 Rock” actor did the same in December after he was kicked off a flight for refusing to stop playing Words With Friends – and then tweet-complained about it. After going on a rant about people still giving him a hard time about beating up Rihanna (and then deleting it), Chris Brown’s Twitter temporarily went dark in November 2011. John Mayer stopped tweeting in 2010 because he said the site “rewired” his brain and was affecting the way he wrote and thought, but he too later rejoined the site. In October 2009, Miley Cyrus quit because she felt Twitter was too invasive (and because her then-boyfriend, now-fiancé Liam Hemsworth didn’t like it) – only to sign back on in April 2011 and continue to post photos of herself, oftentimes in revealing outfits.

Do you think Sheen can stay away from Twitter?

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