Celine Dion Gets Sexy

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Celine Dion Gets Sexy

Celine Dion is doing her first non-promotional photo sheet in six years for V Magazine, and definitely makes a statement by posing for the sultriest photos we've ever seen of the legendary singer.

Shot by Sebastian Faena and styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Celine appears topless in one photograph, sporting a sexy pair of black gloves and a bowtie. In other pics, Celine rocks a leotard and heels, and dons a stuffed animal-adorned pair of jeans worthy of Lady Gaga.

"I'm like this in my real life. I was scared a little bit because this was so different for me, but I'm glad I did it," she says of the racy photo shoot. "Usually there's always a reason when I do a photo shoot, there's not the opportunity to go crazy. With this it was two in the morning and I was still jumping on the trampoline. In the house, in my normal life, we are always playing. It doesn't seem this way on stage, but I'm playing a lot."

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Celine also opens up about her musical peers in the intimate interview, including the late Whitney Houston.

"I was just in shock when Whitney's life had been taken because of drugs. It's a big loss for all of us," she says. "I have always been scared of the industry. Why? Because I think it's a place where anything is possible. It's a 'Yes' place, especially if you have success. And then you think that you have family and friends, true friends. But sometimes the love of family isn't strong enough to overcome."

She is also open about her love for Adele, who she's been known to cover in concert.

"I think her whole image is good! Very sophisticated for her age. The nails, the dresses, the hair, the size and her talents as a song writer and singer. She's the total package," she says. "The way that she is will definitely help the new generation of girls accept themselves."

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As for being known for being public about her personal life, such as her devastating miscarriage in 2009, she has no regrets.

"For me to tell someone that my husband had cancer, that we were struggling to have kids, or whatever we've gone through, talking about my life lets people know the real me. I've shared everything with them [her fans]. They come for the whole package. I don't think they just come for the songs," she says. "I've been an open book all my life, and I think that's why people like me. I've been criticized for it, but I'm not forcing myself to be the person that you see."

Check out V Magazine for more of the surprising photos.

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