When Celebrities Feud: the Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel Edition

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Yesterday it was ScarJo and Blake. Today in Celebrity Catfights, we have a pair of striking brunettes: Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel, who we'll jokingly refer to as Single White Hathaway based on a ridiculously entertaining, take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt gossip item from the National Enquirer (via Celebitchy). According to the tabloid, the newly engaged Catwoman took Justin Timberlake's on-again girlfriend to task for complaining in an Elle magazine interview about losing roles to Hathaway in the upcoming "Batman" movie as well as the big-screen adaptation of "Les Miserables." Choice Biel quote: "I auditioned for Fantine, and I sang 'I Dreamed a Dream.' I didn't get it. I would have loved it." (She was also bummed about not getting "The Notebook.") An "insider" tells the Enquirer that Hathaway warned Biel to zip it, or else:

Anne thinks Jessica had an ulterior motive by making it seem like she was stealing roles right out from under her. She sees Jessica's move as premeditated, designed to make casting directors place them on the same level -- and possibly to coax them into hiring her over Anne, who makes more per film and is in greater demand. Now Anne's ready to take this fight to the next level. Anne let Jessica know that if she does another interview with a writing, casting director or director equating the two, she wants a face-to-face meeting. And everyone's waiting for more fur to fly.

Questions: if this story is true, who leaked it? Someone from Hathaway's camp, probably. We doubt, however, that the 28-year-old actress is prepared to take "this fight to the next level." (Picturing throwdown with Hathaway in her catsuit and Biel in her "A-Team" garb.)

--Erin Carlson

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