Britney Spears’ father Jamie speaks out after case against family is dismissed by judge

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Nearly five years after Britney Spears’ father Jamie stepped in as her conservator during her infamous meltdown, the family is finally rid of Sam Lutfi, the self-described manager many say is responsible for her downfall during that time. On Thursday, the judge presiding over the court battle between the Spears clan and Lutfi dismissed the case before it was sent before a jury. Lufti was suing for unpaid fees, alleged assault by Jamie, and defamation from Britney’s mom Lynne in her 2008 book about saving her famous daughter.

"I’m just so relieved that this is over with,” Jamie, who still serves as his daughter’s conservator, tells “Entertainment Tonight.” “That our family can finally put this behind us and move forward. I am so proud of each lawyer that represented our family in this. They were so prepared. They were ready. They stood behind us and I’m just so proud of each one of them that handled each one of these cases.” After also commending the judge for her “patience,” Jamie added, “I believe justice was served.”

Jamie also told TMZ that the battle with Lutfi hit Lynne the hardest. As for Britney, he added that she “doesn’t really want to talk about it.” The Spears patriarch also discussed Britney’s progress in the years since her meltdown and admitted he thought she was going to die during that time period. “It’s been a long road,” he said. “Britney is a work in progress.” As for her stint as a judge on “The X Factor,” Jamie noted, “she was very nervous the first night” of the live shows, which started on Tuesday evening. “She’ll be a lot more on top of her game by next week. It’s something new … it’s not performing on a stage, so she’s out of her element.”

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