Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Married? Police Report Says Yes

Christopher Rogers
Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Married? Police Report Says Yes
Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Married? Police Report Says Yes

Blake and Ryan may already be married, according to a recent police report! The police department, stationed in Bedford Hills, NY, spoke exclusively to regarding their relationship! Read on to find out all the details!

A police officer in Bedford Hills, NY may have just revealed a big Hollywood secret — Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are husband and wife!

According to TMZ, a police officer recently reported Blake as Ryan’s wife in a report.

Ryan filed a police report on July 8 after he claimed a paparazzo was following him! In the report, the police office says, “Upon arrival, I spoke to Ryan Reynolds and his wife,” in which the name is now blacked out!

In case you think it may be a typo, the report also says, “Mr. Reynolds and his wife were advised to contact police should any persons enter their property.” reached out to both Ryan and Blake’s reps, but there has been no response. The Bedford police department would not provide further details at this time.

Interesting enough, Blake missed the Met Ball on May 7 — an event she religiously attends! Instead, Blake and Ryan took a Napa Valley vacation and later visited his parents in Vancouver! Could this have been the time they got married?

UPDATE: Sergeant Howly of the Bedford, NY Police Dept. tells exclusively, “No one in the department can confirm whether or not Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are legally married or not. The officer that responded to the July 8 incident either made a mistake when referring to Blake
Lively as the wife of Mr. Reynolds, an assumption or was indeed correct. We can’t confirm this.”

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are Ryan and Blake married?


– Christopher Rogers, additional reporting by Chloe Melas

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