Big Brother Recap: Veto Competition/Ceremony 8

Adam Bryant
September 6, 2012

Dan Gheesling | Photo Credits: Sonja Flemming/CBS
Dan Gheesling | Photo Credits: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Last week, Dan made one of the best moves in Big Brother history. This week, he continues to dominate the house with an interesting combination of dumb luck and just plain dumb players. So how did the veto play into Dan's master plan? And did the nominations change? Let's find out.

Neither Frank nor Jenn were particularly surprised that Ian nominated them, but Jenn, who I am not convinced really understands this game, is super worried that she is going home. She tells Danielle that "pawns always go home," and while that has been true in seasons past, it hasn't been the case this season at all. Frank, meanwhile, is putting a lot of faith in his new alliance with Dan. Frank reasons that as long as he or Jenn wins the veto, Joe will go up and they will have the votes to keep their alliance safe.

However, after remembering that Dan's was the last key drawn in the nomination ceremony, Frank begins to worry that if he wins the veto to save himself, Dan will go up in his place. (Frank, of course, has no idea that Dan is pretty much protected by the reunited Quack Pack.) Frank then begins to suggest that the best case scenario is for Dan to win the veto, thus guaranteeing that Joe goes up on the block. (And in Frank's mind, Joe will also go home.)

But Dan has an entirely different plan. Despite swearing on the Bible, his wife and dead grandfather last week, Dan has no intention of honoring his alliance or final two deal with Frank. Dan wants the veto to seal Frank's fate this week, and fortunately for Dan, Frank seems willing to just give it to him!

As luck would have it, Dan, Danielle and Joe are chosen to play alongside Ian, Frank and Jenn in the veto competition, which centers on Otev the Absent-Minded Alien. Like in past "Otev" challenges, the players must solve riddles and bring back the correct answer to the podium. Each round, the last player back to the podium is eliminated.  Danielle falls just before she reaches the top of the podium in Round 1 and is the first player eliminated.

Ian, who doesn't really want to win despite his desire to keep his nominations the same, goes out next. Third out is Joe, who is sad that he couldn't even win in a competition that was in his wheelhouse  of "climbing in mud and goo." And despite a good effort, Jenn went out in Round 4, leaving only Dan and Frank to compete.

They have a mini-confab, during which Frank admits that Dan winning is the only way to guarantee all their alliance members can remain in the game. However, Frank  knows Dan would have to take down Jenn to keep up appearances that Dan and Frank are mortal enemies, and Frank's afraid of staying on the block. So, he basically decides himself to fight to win. Given what we already know of Dan's plan, he too fights like hell to win. Ultimately, Dan comes out on top.

Although Ian initially thought Dan winning was a sure sign that the nominations would stay the same, Dan pretty easily talks Ian into his plan. Dan argues that taking down Jenn would just be returning the favor she did for him a week ago. Plus, Ian reasons, it will give the appearance that Dan and Ian aren't working together. (However, Dan and Ian make a Final Two deal in this episode. Of course, Dan has a similar deal with Frank and Danielle. And at this point, I truly believe that Dan would take Danielle, the easy mark, to the end in order to win.)

So, Ian is satisfied with Dan's plan, and Frank also believes Dan is doing his dirty work. Again, Dan made a masterful move last week, but I think the way the pieces fell into place this time was less about his strategy than being lucky. However, Dan has earned blind trust from some players, which does require some strategic maneuvering.

Dan tells Jenn he is planning to save her, and hopes that by doing so, he will earn her full trust. Although she seems grateful, she does seem a bit suspicious that Dan might end up sending Frank home. At the veto ceremony, Dan keeps his word to Jenn, and Ian fakes anger at Dan before ultimately putting Joe on the block beside Frank.

Barring any lies coming to light, it looks like Frank is heading home. And if Dan's betrayal does ruffle Jenn's feathers, he has a shot to send her out the door the same exact night thanks to another double eviction Thursday. How do you think it will all play out? Share your thoughts below!

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