Barbara Walters to interview Lindsay Lohan: 7 questions we hope she asks

Kathleen Perricone
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When was the last time Barbara Walters sat down for an exclusive hour-long interview with an actress to talk about her Lifetime made-for-TV movie? Well, she will be doing exactly that with Lindsay Lohan for what is being called a “no holds barred, no questions off-limits” conversation to promote the Elizabeth Taylor biopic, “Liz & Dick.” The trouble-prone actress "has a lot of respect and admiration for her,” a source tells “Access Hollywood,” “and knows the interview will be done accurately and fairly” – which in Lohan speak means she expects softball questions that will allow her to portray herself as a victim.

There are certainly tons of questions Walters can ask Lohan about stemming from her many arrests, drug and alcohol addictions, failed film career, and money issues. While we hope that the respected journalist takes LiLo to task for her many, many mishaps over the years, we’d like her to at least cover the headline-grabbing incidents from 2012 alone!

Here are seven topics we’d love to see Walters address with Lohan:

• Why were you driving to the set of “Liz & Dick” on June 8 (when you crashed it into an 18-wheeler on the highway) even though producers put it explicitly in your contract that due to insurance issues you had to be chauffeured? And then why did you tell police your assistant was the one behind the wheel when it was really you? Why did you also later claim the breaks had failed? (Porsche later proved in a test that was also untrue.)

• Why was it so impossible for production staffers on “Liz & Dick” to rouse you from a nap on June 15 that they had to call 911 for an ambulance?

• What really happened the night of the $100,000 jewelry theft at the home of your pal, Sam Magid, on August 21? Why did you tell police you took it upon yourself to hide his pricey belongings from potential robbers – but then had no idea where you had put them? And why was your 15-year-old brother Cody with you at an all-night bash?

• How did you rack up $46,000 worth of charges in two months at the Chateau Marmont and why did you shift blame onto “Liz & Dick” producers when they told you from the beginning they were not going to foot your bill?

• Why did you pick on fellow child star-gone-bad Amanda Bynes after her traffic run-ins in a September 16th Twitter rant? Shouldn’t you identify with what she has been going through? After all, you complain about being unfairly judged by the press for your own screw-ups … so then why did you do the same to Amanda?

• Why did you invite a complete stranger, Christian LaBella, back to your hotel room to party with you and your friends in New York on September 30 and then freak out when he took photos of you? What was so incriminating about those pics? And why did you say he assaulted you … when police later determined he had not?

• Why did you call your dad, Michael Lohan – who is notorious for recording his phone conversations with you and then selling them to the press – when you got into a fight with your mom Dina after a night of partying on October 10? And why did you lie to him and say she was high on cocaine knowing full well how he likes to have ammunition to make her look bad in the press … only to backtrack the very next day?

Catch Lohan’s interview with Walters on ABC’s “20/20” on November 16.

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