Bar Refaeli's GoDaddy Super Bowl Commerical Co-Star: She 'Tastes Like Paradise'

Access Hollywood
Bar Rafaeli and actor Jesse Heiman in a GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial --

Many have wondered what it would be like to lock lips with Bar Refaeli and GoDaddy commercial star Jesse Heiman found out in a big way during his make out-filled Super Bowl spot with the supermodel.

"I would give her a 110," Jesse told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday's Access Hollywood Live when asked to rate Bar's kissing skills.

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So what was it like getting so up close and personal with the GoDaddy beauty, who is seen passionately kissing the actor during the commercial.

"It tastes like paradise," he said of the beauty.

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"There was like 45 to 65 takes, I lost count. I just enjoyed each one like it was the first one. We just had a fun time making it," Jesse continued.

The actor might not appear to be a ladies' man, but he told Billy and Kit that he scored the job because of his talents.

"I won the job based on my kissing skills," he said, explaining that a stand-in kisser was used at auditions and that she selected the most skilled lip-locker.

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"She picked out the best one," Jesse said. "I'm just a natural I guess."

And the commercial, first seen during the Super Bowl, was a tamer version of what actually went down between Bar and the actor.

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"My tongue seems to have a mind of its own," he said of the unrated extended cut of the spot (which can be seen, HERE!)

According to Jesse, he and Bar have remained friends (at least in the world of social media) following their smooch-fest.

"We're friends, we follow each other on Twitter and Facebook," he added. "[My friends] are saying I'm the man."

-- Jesse Spero

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