Another Crazy Baby Name is Born!

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Another Crazy Baby Name is Born!

Suburgatory star Jeremy Sisto and his wife Addie Lane welcomed a son into the world on March 9, but had trouble locking in a name.

"Unnamed boy is healthy as is Mom. Thanks for your wishes," he Tweeted two days later, adding "Don't tell my wife I had two glasses of wine while she had an epidural."

Clueless Reunion on Suburgatory

But late last night Jeremy Tweeted the official naming announcement.

"Little man finally told us his name; BASTIAN KICK SISTO," he wrote.

Images of The NeverEnding Story immediately flew into my head as if Falkor had delivered them himself! Whether or not Jeremy's son is named after the lead character in the children's classic is kind of irrelevant, since that's all anyone is going to think about. In fact, the first name is such an attention getter, you almost overlook the fact his middle name is Kick. Almost...

Oh Really, Alicia?

I'm just bummed that Jeremy didn't stick with the NeverEnding theme for his son's full name, because I definitely would have hung out with Bastian Atreyu Moonshine Falkor Sisto.

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