Angelina Jolie's acting days numbered?

LOS ANGELES - Angelina Jolie thinks she'll have to give up acting when her kids become teenagers. The Oscar winner says managing her six children will be a full time job.Jolie is also a U.N. envoy.  She made the comment while discussing the need to protect women from rape and other forms of violence during wars.Disney's latest movies are getting attention as awards season gets underway.  The upcoming Annie Awards, which honor the best in animation, released its list of finalists, and Disney's studios, including Pixar, received 40 nominations, more than any other studio or production company.Disney also earned the most best picture nominations, for its films, "Wreck It Ralph,” “Brave,” and “Frankenweenie.”Five non-Disney movies were also nominated for best animated film, including Sony Pictures', “Hotel Transylvania" and Dreamworks' “Rise of the Guardians.”The winners will be announced in Los Angeles in February.Out on DVD today, “Hope Springs.”Meryl Streep plays a devoted wife looking to spice up her long-time marriage to her husband, Tommy Lee Jones.  And J.K. Rowling's latest novel is headed to the small screen.The author of the Harry Potter series says she is thrilled that the British Broadcasting Channel wants to turn her first adult book, "The Casual Vacancy," into a television series.