Andrew Keegan: Remember Him?

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Andrew Keegan: Remember Him?

Like most of you, the last time I saw Andrew Keegan he was writhing in pain after Bianca punched him in the nose "for making my date bleed," punched him again "for my sister" and kneed him in the groin "for me."

But Sundance celebrants got up close and personal with the 10 Things I Hate About You star this weekend when he hit the slopes, the gifting suites and the parties all in support of his new movie .... Yea, I'm still waiting for that info.

Personally, I prefer to remember Andrew circa 1994 when he starred alongside Jonathan Jackson and Christopher Lloyd in Camp Nowhere -- a little seen, much beloved (by me) movie about kids who trick their parents into sending them to a fictional camp so they can get a summer off. I want to tell you how good it is, but suspect the memory of its excellence solely stems from the low standards I had as a child.

For those of you who would rather focus on future Keegan, there is one movie listed on his IMDB page as "coming soon" and that's The Unknown Son co-starring Val Kilmer, Eric Roberts and Gina Gershon. And if that all-star lineup didn't scream "Direct-To-DVD," then this synopsis might:

Noah Prentice, a man searching for his past, has only a mysterious tattoo on his wrist from childbirth to guide him towards the answers he seeks. Fresh into the workforce, Noah is thrown into a web of mystery and intrigue as he uncovers a massive terrorist plot born inside the walls of Kaiser Global, an American financial institution. The conspiracy leads Noah closer to understanding his purpose, while unearthing evidence linking Kaiser Global to remnants of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich aiming to finally claim the victory they failed to achieve many years ago.

And just because it should be included, 10 Things I Hate About You: