‘American Idol’ Finale: And The Season 11 Winner Is…

Kirstin Benson
‘American Idol’ Finale: And The Season 11 Winner Is…
‘American Idol’ Finale: And The Season 11 Winner Is…

After nearly a dozen performances, Rihanna’s hit single and a live proposal, the ‘American Idol’ winner was finally named! Are YOU happy with who won?

And then there were two… Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips were the final American Idol contestants of the season — and after a two hour finale filled with non-stop talent, a season 11 was FINALLY named.

Ryan Seacrest broke the news that Phillip was the official winner and the crowd went wild. (We called it!) The 21-year-old Georgia native couldn’t say a word and just started singing his new single. However, half way through he started tearing up and started hugging his family and the judges. We’re so happy for him!

Well, folks — that’s a wrap with season 11. Are YOU happy with the results?

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