Amanda Bynes pulled over days after her driver’s license was suspended

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No license, no problem. Mere days after Amanda Bynes’ driving privileges were taken away by the DMV following her being charged with two counts of hit-and-run, the former child actor was shockingly back behind the wheel – and her driving skills have not improved! Bynes, 26, was pulled over by LAPD on Sunday night because she failed to turn on her headlights in the darkness. In a video taken by Splash News, the “All That” actress, now a brunette, is standing next to her BMW – the one involved all those accidents – while being interrogated by two police officers, who let her go with just a verbal warning.

As TMZ points out, the cops must have neglected to run a check on Bynes’ name because if they had, they surely would have discovered that she is not even supposed to be on the road. (Driving without a valid license is an offense that could be punishable by jail, but instead Bynes was sent on her merry way.)

Failing to turn on her lights is just the latest in a string of scary driving moments for Bynes. After her DUI on April 6 – during which she rear-ended a police vehicle – she went on to be involved in three hit-and-runs in the L.A. area, but she is only being charged for two of them. Bynes is due in court on September 27. If convicted of both misdemeanors, she faces up to a year in jail.

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