Will.i.am Dishes On Working With Britney Spears & Taking A 'Pause' From Black Eyed Peas

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Will.i.am and Britney Spears brought some heat to the winter charts with their collaboration, "Scream & Shout" and the rapper/producer says working with the pop princess is never disappointing.

"I worked with her before on her album, 'Femme Fatale.' We did a song called 'The Big Fat Bass' and then we talked about working on music for my record," will.i.am told Access Hollywood on the set of the new music video for a hot new remix of "Scream and Shout," which will feature Britney, Diddy, Lil' Wayne and Waka Flocka Flame. "So we made two songs and ['Scream & Shout'] was just urgent. It was like put this out now!"

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And, quoting a line from the catchy song, will.i.am added that both he and Brit brought "the action" when it came time to lay down the track.

In addition to prepping the remix, the artist - who is a coach on the UK version of "The Voice" - said he wouldn't rule out following in Britney's reality TV judge footsteps.

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"I've done some mentoring on the judge's house [portion] on 'X Factor' America and some [on] 'American Idol,'" he said, when asked if he'd ever consider taking a seat on a TV singing competition judges' panel stateside. "So, I wouldn't shy away from those type of things, but you never know.

"I love what I'm doing in the UK on 'The Voice,'" he added. "It's just fantastic."

As for when will.i.am will be back on stage with the Black Eyed Peas, he said he and the group are taking a "slumber party" break.

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"[We're] taking this little Black Eyed Peas hiatus, and [I'm] maximizing while I have the time to go and do things," he explained. "It's a deserved break - [or] pause, because a lot of times people can say, 'what break?' and 'break' is associated with break up.

Adding, "It's a Black Eyed Peas pause."

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-- Erin O'Sullivan

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