Alec Baldwin quits Twitter again

Kathleen Perricone
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Just two days after becoming a married man, Alec Baldwin has ended his relationship with Twitter. The “30 Rock” actor tweeted, “It’s been fun,” on Monday before suspending his @AlecBaldwin account and deleting all his previous activity (his Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter page is still active). This is not the first time Baldwin, 54, has pulled the plug on the social media site. In December, his Twitter page went dark after he ranted about American Airlines following Words With Friends-gate, when he refused to stop playing the game as the plane attempted to take off. As of late, Baldwin has used the site to complain about pretty much everything from the paparazzi to the media.

So then how will the curmudgeon get things off his chest? Don’t worry, Baldwin still has his biweekly podcast on WNYC, called “Here’s the Thing,” in which he has guests like David Letterman and Kathleen Turner on to discuss politics, pop culture, and most recently, the nation’s addiction to sugar. But there’s one person he says he’d like to get in the hot seat with him: fellow hot head Mel Gibson. In the August issue of Vanity Fair, Baldwin reveals he has already approached the troubled actor. "I said, 'Mel, this isn't about regurgitating. You're one of the greatest movie stars of your generation and you were one of the most successful directors in this business and you won the Academy Award. And the only thing I want to ask you about the travails in your life is: What did you learn?'"

Baldwin should perhaps ask himself that same question. In the interview with VF, he goes into great, even disturbing detail about how he wanted to kill TMZ creator Harvey Levin when the site published the now-infamous voicemail he left for his daughter Ireland, then just 11, in which he called her a “rude, thoughtless little pig” for not taking his call. "I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes,” says Baldwin. He had similar feelings for his ex-wife Kim Basinger’s lawyer, who he dreamt about beating to death "with a baseball bat."

Let’s hope Baldwin’s new marriage to Hilaria Thomas lasts forever!

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