Al Roker hurls another zinger at Matt Lauer live on ‘Today’

Kathleen Perricone
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It’s probably safe to say that Matt Lauer is not one of Al Roker’s favorite people. Just a few days after he “joked” on air that the “Today” host threw “one of us” (cough, Ann Curry, cough) “under the bus,” he’s back to his biting one-liners. It all began last week when Roker grimaced as Lauer and Curry’s replacement Savannah Guthrie awkwardly slow danced. Guthrie then remarked that there had to be enough distance between them “for the Holy Ghost” (a reference from her Catholic school upbringing), to which Roker’s eyes went wide and he bizarrely stared into the camera, frozen, for a solid 17 seconds as Guthrie and Lauer continued to banter about Elvis Presley.

After the funny-yet-strange moment made the rounds on the Internet on Wednesday, Guthrie brought the incident back up on their Thursday morning broadcast. Guthrie tried to joke that Roker was so good at remaining still, he’d be perfect for a wax museum, to which the weatherman shot back, "We are in a wax museum, so it all works out pretty well." The zinger certainly didn’t hit the mark as well as the “under the bus” comment, but Roker’s feelings towards his co-anchors were still made rather clear.

Roker has reportedly been on the warpath to avenge his good friend Curry ever since she got the axe from her “Today” job in June after 15 years on the show. It’s been widely reported that Lauer was the one responsible for her departure because he didn’t feel she was up to par and he wanted a new co-host, which he got with the perky Guthrie. In an interview with Ladies Home Journal that was published after her ouster, Curry complained that NBC execs gave her a hard time for not dying her gray hair and wanting to wear flats instead of high heels.

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