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'50 Shades' Director Took Erotic Pics of Love

Jackie Willis
June 20, 2013
'50 Shades' Director Took Erotic Pics of Love
'50 Shades' Director Took Erotic Pics of Love

Before she was hired to direct the highly sexual book-turned-movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Sam Taylor-Johnson already had an erotic past behind the camera, as is revealed in a 2011 interview conducted by Courtney Love for the Sept. issue of V magazine.

Then Sam Taylor-Wood, she changed her name to match that of her 23-year-old husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the director had a rather candid chat with The Hole front woman, who gushed over why Sam was her "hero." "I'll tell you why: You beat cancer twice, your body of work is brilliant, and you're the only person who has never taken a bad picture of me," Love, now 48, told Taylor-Johnson, who's currently 46.

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Of course, the outspoken rocker took it a step further, adding of the photograph, "There's vagina in it. But it's cool, it's not like spread-eagle vagina."

Taylor-Johnson responded simply, "There's a power." Love didn't stop there, telling the director, "Yeah there's a power. Somebody once said -- and it wasn't me, although I once found it attributed to me -- that I had a magical p***y. So it sort of fits with that, which is fun."

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That wasn't all that was exposed in this interview. Taylor-Johnson also opened up about her feelings for film and directing. "Filmmakers are quite heroic sometimes, because I think to get a film made is an achievement in itself. To get a film made that is truthful to your vision is almost impossible."

After hearing this bizarre story, do you think Sam Taylor-Johnson is the right woman to direct the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey? State your case in the comments.

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