5 Questions with 'Wilfred' Star

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5 Questions with 'Wilfred' Star

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who don't understand why FX airs a show about an Australian bloke in a full-sized dog costume, and those who recognize the utter brilliance of Jason Gann's ferociously filthy and psychologically playful Wilfred.

Star Fiona Gubelmann not only falls into the latter category, but she actually wants the show to get dirtier -- particularly when it comes to her character, Jenna.

TheInsider.com: The first season of a show has to spend so much time setting up the world, so what have you liked about the deepening of this world in season two?
Fiona Gubelmann: I loved being effervescent and bubbly in season one, but at the same time, I felt like a lot of my stuff was ringing the doorbell and asking Ryan to watch my dog. As an actor, I love meaty stuff – and this season, I've been in the show a little less but what they've given me has been so much more exciting. I'm just devouring it. Jenna's like a real person this season. You see the dark side and the emotional side, which gives subtext to the character. She also has some sexy stuff coming up that I think fans will find very exciting even though I had trouble shooting it. I was a little embarrassed.

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Insider.com: Embarrassed because of what you were doing or what you were wearing?
Fiona: What I was doing [laughs]! It's funny, I always end up in my bra for every acting job. I'll book a role and show up to the fitting where they randomly thrown me into a bikini for no reason [laughs]. No reason! Like, I'm walking through a casino in a bathing suit even though a few scenes earlier I was wearing lots of clothes. It makes no sense [laughs]. But I'm game! I'm always game.

Insider.com: Do you play Jenna like she's aware of Ryan's feelings?
Fiona: I don't want to give anything away, but you will get an answer to that this season. The relationships between all the characters become much more defined towards the end of this season. And I'll just say that Elijah is a very handsome man, so I would not be opposed to the idea of being romantically involved. But I don't know if that's the plan. I want what serves the world the best, and is the most truthful. I hate when you watch a show and they're clearly forcing a relationship. I trust our writers to keep it as real as possible given what our show's about [laughs].

Insider.com: Would you like to see Jenna get in on some of the show's more insane storylines?
Fiona: I definitely would. I love comedy. I know there's a lot of actors who just want to make a paycheck for three hours work. I get that. It's just not me. I want to be there all day, every day. The truth is, even though I want that, I have to realize that Jenna can't be the weird one. Wilfred has his weirdness while Ryan and Jenna are more the straight ones. Our storylines tend to be a result of what's happening with Wilfred. And that's cool.

Insider.com: That said, what's been the one moment you read and thought, "They can't show that on television?!?!?!"
Fiona: In season one, I thought there was no way they'd show Wilfred tonguing a giraffe in his ass. This season, it's the episode we showed at Comic-Con. There's a moment they showed there that we can not air on television. It'll be on the DVD, but it's so dirty – and I love it!!! Lets just say it involves bodily fluids. I'll never be able to erase one image from my mind. Ever. Traumatic. [laughs]

Wilfred airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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