'The Moment' Gives People a Second Chance to Realize Their Dreams

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Kurt Warner hosts "The Moment."

You know what they say about "if at first you don't succeed," right? Well, that whole "try, try again" thing is the basic gist of USA Network's first stab at reality television, "The Moment," which premieres Thursday night.

Few understand the gravity of a second chance quite like the show's host, NFL MVP Kurt Warner, and executive producer Charlie Ebersol.

Warner, 41, was bagging groceries and famously cut from a few NFL teams when the St. Louis Rams took a chance on him. Only 18 months later, the team had won the Super Bowl and he was an MVP. Ebersol, 30, survived a plane crash in 2004 that killed his brother and left him and his father, former chairman of NBC Sports Dick Ebersol, injured.

"God gives you talent and then life challenges you. And it's how you stand up to those challenges whether or not you get back to use those talents," Ebersol explained at a dinner for the show in New York City Tuesday night. "This show is people who legitimately have the skill and life knocks them down, similar to Kurt. And when they are given that second chance, do they make the most of it?"

"I think people automatically think that we're giving [people] their dream," Warner said. "What I love about the show is that we're simply giving them an opportunity to chase their dream. And then it's all up to them, because that's what life is. We're presented with opportunities all the time -- it's what we do with them."

The show itself plays out with a number of moving moments: loved ones telling the subjects that they'll get a second chance to try to get their dream job, emotional breakdowns, the job tryout, getting the results, and the emotional decision whether or not to take the position that could uproot a family. And the dream jobs we're talking about here are rather epic -- people will attempt to get gigs as a Sports Illustrated photographer, a White House chef, and a NASCAR driver, to name a few.

Over the course of the season, not everyone gets the gig … and not everyone takes it if they do.

Translation: you're going to want to watch this with a fresh box of tissues by your side. That, and you might find yourself going back to ballet lessons or picking up that camera at the end of it.

"The Moment" airs on Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.