'The Bachelor' recap: Rules of attraction

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"The Bachelor" -- "Episode 1705" SEAN LOWE, CATHERINE, LESLEY M.
"Episode 1705" - Eight of the bachelorettes discover canoes, hay, a wood chopping station and goats at a local lake - uh-oh! They are once again split into two teams for a Montana relay race. The final part of the challenge will be milking a goat and chugging its milk! The winning team will be rewarded with extra time with Sean that night, while the losing team will head back to the hotel. One team finally squeaks by to win. But Sean makes a surprising decision when it comes to the losing team that is bound to upset the winners. And to make things more interesting, Tierra, upset that she will be on the two-on-one date, shows up at the after party, on "The Bachelor."

Bad girl, bad girl, whatcha gonna do, Sean, whatcha gonna do?

Give her a rose, apparently.

This happens season after "Bachelor" season: There's one girl who's supercompetitive and "not there for the right reasons." She's the cause of all the drama in the house; all the other women loathe her and the audience loves to hate her, but the guy has stars in his eyes.

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Clearly Sean is not a student of his own franchise, or he'd know Tierra isn't worth the trouble. But right now, all he sees is sweetness and vulnerability. His protective, white-knight tendencies are being stoked.

Tierra might be crazycakes, but Sean's eating up every last crumb.

A little bit country

Goodbye, L.A.! "The Bachelor" and his ladies head out to the wilds of Montana. Everyone's a bit nervous because there will be a two-on-one date this week.

But first, Lindsay gets her first one-on-one date. On their country picnic, Sean is pleasantly surprised when she opens up to him about her family and upbringing. "I believe we share the same morals," he says. "We get along so well and click so easily."

The girls gush over the beauty of Montana: 

They make out, get serenaded by singer Sarah Darling, and dance in the middle of Whitefish, Montana. So romantic! And of course Lindsay gets a rose.

The group date continues the wilderness theme with a relay race featuring canoeing, hay bucking, and goat milking! The ladies are divided into two teams: red (Selma, Desiree, Sarah, and Robyn) and blue (Ashley, Lesley, Daniella, and Catherine). The winning team gets to continue the date with Sean, while the others have to go back to the hotel.

After some fast and furious milking (and then chugging … ew), the red team reigns supreme. Blue team is all sad face and have to leave.

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Ah, but Sean has already proven he's willing to break the rules! He decides that this is nonsense -- if he's here to meet his wife, how will he do that when he can't even talk to some women? He sends Chris Harrison to fetch them back.

The blues are obviously elated, while the reds are boiling mad. If only they knew the whole story! Back at the hotel, Tierra is pissed because she got the two-on-one date, along with Jackie. So, she decides to sneak out and surprise Sean.

Perhaps this might be what flips the switch for Sean. "The fact that she came out tonight, I don't know what to make of it," he sighs. Still, they talk and hug and kiss, and she leaves him to the rest of the group date.

Watch a deleted scene with Tierra:

When he returns, he finds Daniella in tears because she hasn't had much time with Sean. So he whisks her away and comforts her. She gets a kiss -- finally! -- and even better, the rose. Now, the red team is really mad.

Watch a deleted scene with Daniella:

Gossip girls

The two-on-one with Tierra and Jackie is as awkward and awful as we imagined. Jackie decides to break rule No. 1 of "Bachelor" -- never trash the other girls -- and let Sean know Tierra is two-faced. He seems concerned, dubious, and confused all at once.

When he has some alone time with Tierra, she admits being a bit closed off, but for a reason: Her drug addict boyfriend died and it's still haunting her. Sean is touched by how she opened up to him, and gives her the rose. Farewell, Jackie!

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When the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party starts, the women are shaken up that Sean sent a nice girl like Jackie home and kept the evil Tierra. Des thinks he's giving out pity roses, then tries to kind-of, sort-of warn him about Tierra. Instead, her wishy-washy attitude makes Sean feel like their relationship is moving backward (see rule No. 1).

Meanwhile, Tierra is lashing out at her mistreatment. "I seriously want to punch everyone in that room," she warns. Robyn's had enough and decides to confront her. "I'm so sick of her, I will make this the 'Bad Girls Club,'" Robyn says.

Tierra continues her verbal rampage. "I'm so over this," she vents. "If I want to get engaged, I can easily go get engaged."

As they're arguing, Sean walks through the room! Seeing all the anger and frustration really shakes him up. He takes Tierra aside again. "I'm not a drama person at all," she vows. Right, uh-huh.

Sean isn't sure what to think or who to believe. He asks Lesley for the truth and for specifics. Had Tierra done something that directly affects him? Not really, Lesley admits. Tierra's just very cold and not engaging.

Before the rose ceremony begins, Sean has a man-to-man chat with Chris Harrison. He feels like his relationship with Tierra is great, but what about the stuff everyone's saying? Sean looks seriously bummed out about the whole mess. At this point, we wonder if Sean will really break all the "Bachelor" rules by taking back Tierra's rose.

Time to hand out roses: Sean gives them to Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, and Desiree. The only woman who doesn't get a rose is Robyn, and as she pulls away in the limo, she bitterly notes that Sean probably thought she was the cause of all the drama.

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As for Sean, while his confidence in this process is shaken, tomorrow's another day. And by tomorrow, we mean that literally: Don't forget that there's a special Tuesday-night episode this week!

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