'Survivor: Caramoan' Sneak Peek: The Tribes Merge [Exclusive Video]

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When the merge takes place on "Survivor," all bets are off.

Alliances crumble, enemies band together, the weak become strong, the strong become targets, and blindsides and betrayals become daily occurrences.

On tonight's "Survivor: Caramoan," Gota and Bikal merge, throwing together fans and favorites into one hot mess of a tribe.

But before things start getting cutthroat, the mood is light and happy. "Everybody ran out on the beach. It felt like friends," Reynold says. (For now.)

Mostly, the merge is welcome as boredom relief. As Corinne notes, it's "kind of nice because you're sick of talking to the same people over and over again."

Watch an exclusive preview of tonight's new episode, airing at 8 PM on CBS.