'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Melissa McCarthy Trips in Heels, Likes to Eat Pizza [Video]

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Saturday Night Live - Melissa McCarthy / Phoenix
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Melissa McCarthy hosts the seventeenth episode of "Saturday Night Live" Season 38.

After several weeks off, "Saturday Night Live" returned with a breath of fresh spring air in the form of host Melissa McCarthy. The comedy superstar showed off a complete bag of hilarious tricks, and we're already hoping she comes back soon (hey, that Five-Timers Club could use a few more women).

In fact, she was so good that almost every sketch last night was funny; the only one that fell flat was the cold open, which she wasn't in. McCarthy kicked things off using her gift for physical comedy, as she came out on the stage teetering in ridiculously high heels.

She needed the help of a musician's chair to scootch close to the laughing audience, but ended up losing her balance and sinking down to her stomach while cast member Taran Killam came out to sing a "Second Time" song (she first hosted back in 2011). A little breathless and still wobbly, McCarthy tried to keep the monologue going, but when Killam nudged her during another verse of the song, she fell flat on her face.

From there, the evening just got better. Here's a rundown of the best and (one) worst sketches:

BEST CAMEO: Peter Dinklage in "Weekend Update"

Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle is already one of our favorite "Weekend Update" characters. Add Dinklage as his friend, "Peter Drunklage," and you get one dynamic drunk duo. The "Game of Thrones" star really does play soused very well. "You know what's in my Tumblr?" he slurs. "Regret." And their "Marco? Rubio!" bit cracked us up. This just begs the question: When is Dinklage going to host "SNL"?

BEST: "Honey Baked Ham Bake-Off"

McCarthy is a fervent and eager bake-off contestant who hopes to finally win that first-place ribbon. Jean takes the judges' notes to work on her presentation very seriously, and busts out a dance routine (including two backup dancers dressed as pigs) to "Push It" and "U Can't Touch This." Sadly, this video isn't available online.

RUNNER-UP: "Outside the Lines"

Disgraced Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice is a puppy next to Middle Delaware State coach Sheila Kelly, who shoves her players, shoots T-shirt guns at them, and even forces them to serve her dinner. We nearly did a spit take when her menacing head pops up as her assistant coach does an interview.

ALSO AWESOME: "Pizza Business"

Again, McCarthy does ridiculous-yet-serious so well as a pizza lover who wants a bank to give her a small business loan. No, she doesn't want to make pizza; she wants to eat it! Because what do people do with leftover pizza? She's the solution! This is just one of her pairings with Jason Sudeikis from night's episode, and it proves just how much comedic chemistry these two have together.

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JUST OK: "Million Dollar Wheel"

McCarthy is delightfully silly as a vapid letter-turner who doesn't understand how to do her job. This was the weakest of her sketches, but it still made us smile. Such is the power of The McCarthy.

WORST: "Cold Open: Kim Jong Un Announcement"

Again, "SNL" proves it cannot spoof current events. What should make this funny (the necessity of translating the North Korean leader's words) actually makes it drag. All of the jokes -- his support of same-sex marriage, his winning his NCAA Tournament pool -- fall flat, and the cameo by Dennis Rodman doesn't help.

BEST TWIST: "Bathroom Businessman"

As Kenan Thompson says, why waste all that time going to the bathroom at work? "I'm flushing my career down the toilet!" At first, this just seems like potty humor, but it turns out to be a PSA against texting and emailing while you're using the bathroom because it's just disgusting.