Prince Harry photographed naked during wild weekend in Las Vegas

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It's a typical story: Young guy goes to Las Vegas, parties with his friends, brings some girls back to his VIP suite (OK, that part's not so typical) and ends up playing strip pool. So why is this story so interesting? The guy in question happens to be Prince Harry, who will turn 28 on September 15. He's supposed to be doing sophisticated things, like clapping politely at Wimbledon or playing "football" with impoverished kids. Instead, over the weekend, the third in line to the throne tried his luck in Sin City, where things reportedly got wild. Harry's clothes came off. Photos were snapped ... and promptly leaked to TMZ. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the photos are indeed of Harry — as if there were any doubt. They show his signature red 'do and his naked body hugging a seemingly naked woman. "Prince Harry is on a private holiday and is returning shortly," was the only comment given by the palace.

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Still, I'm just guessing that Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, won't be happy about the scandal. After all, Harry was supposed to be in Southern California for a charity event, but he decided that he was so close to Las Vegas, that he might as well stop over there. And it does sound like he had a blast. Besides the round of strip pool, Harry's Vegas vacay included a race in the Wynn Las Vegas swimming pool with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte at about 3 a.m. Monday. (Lochte reportedly won. Are you at all surprised?)

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Prince William’s younger brother has caused controversy before when a photo featured him dressed as a Nazi for a costume party, and another photo showed him cupping the breast of a female TV presenter. However, the public, particularly the British people, don't seem ready to turn against the prince for his behavior, especially not for his wild weekend. Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told the Associated Press that much of the reason Harry is so well liked is that he seems so normal, like a twentysomething we might know. "Of course it's stupid, but it doesn't make people dislike him — quite the opposite," Seward said of the naked photos. "It shows that he is a guy who gets into trouble and he's the one people love to love. It could only happen to Harry — but we love him for it." Seward added, though, that she doesn't think Prince Harry's going to get off so easy when it comes to his family — and not just Queen Elizabeth II. "I would think his father would speak to him," Seward said.

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