'Legit': Watch the complete series premiere of FX's new comedy [Video]

Yahoo! TV

Warning: though FX's latest comedy is about a family, it is in no way suitable for family viewing, unless every member of your family is at least 18. At least.

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies stars in "Legit," playing a version of himself who lives with his best friend Steve (Dan Bakkedahl), and Steve's brother, wheelchair-bound Billy (DJ Qualls), who has muscular dystrophy, can feel nothing below his neck, and has never had sex.

Enter Jim, who, in an attempt to fulfill his mother's request that he stop living such a hedonistic lifestyle and try to go "legit" instead, decides to help Billy by taking him on a road trip to a brothel to lose his virginity.

All does not go smoothly in preparation for Billy's big day, however, and suffice it to say that he and Jim get personal in a way neither of them anticipated.

The series, which premiered on FX on Jan. 17 and will include 13 episodes for its first season, is a fitting Thursday night partner to the network's hilarious, raunchy animated comedy "Archer."

But again, you've been warned: "Legit" is not for those overly concerned, or concerned at all for that matter, with political correctness. See for yourself with Yahoo! TV's video replay of the series premiere above.

"Legit" airs on FX on Thursdays at 10:30 PM.