Remember the Jubilee with Royal Memorabilia

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations may be behind us, but it's not too late to commemorate the event with some royal memorabilia — from the tasteful to the tacky.

As with last year's Royal Wedding, there's no shortage of collectibles on the market to remember this as the year Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 60 years on the throne. Of course, instead of Will and Kate's mugs gracing china, T-shirts and beer bottles, this year the focus is on Her Majesty the Queen.

Cashing in

For those with extra cash to spend on cash, the Canadian Mint's got quite the collection of commemorative coins. For a cool $10,000 CAD, you could be the owner of a trilogy of gold coins, featuring the Queen's visage, from the British, Canadian and Australian mints. If that's too rich for your blood, a collection of three silver coins sets buyers back just $395 CAD.

The British Royal Mint is offering Jubilee coins, too, including this platinum proof for a mere £6,400.

That's nothing compared to the gold coins the East India Company has produced to mark the Jubilee. The company released just 60 coins — one for each of the Queen's years on the throne — and they cost £125,000 apiece (about $200,000). Weighing a kilo, the diamond-encrusted coins feature Queen Elizabeth II wearing a tiara, necklace and brooch.

For those with lower budgets, fear not: Harrods has got you covered with Diamond Jubilee chocolate coins for a mere £4.95.

Family business

Even the Queen's son has gotten into the act of profiting from the Jubilee — for a good cause, of course. That's right, Prince Charles is offering memorabilia through the Highgrove website to mark his mum's major milestone, with proceeds going to charity.

The collection of commemoratives ranges from china and glassware to a jigsaw puzzle, teddy bear and plush corgi representing the Queen's favorite dog. Of course, there's also no shortage of Union Jacks adorning notebooks, coffee mugs, pillows and even baby booties.

Beyond the Jack

Some brands have put their own design spin on Jubilee merchandise. Liberty of London, for example, released a number of vibrant scarves featuring the British first-class stamp and inspired by Andy Warhol's screen prints (you can also find corgi scarves). Meanwhile, Fortnum's Jubilee collection of tea supplies and china has foregone the Union Jack and Crown Jewels in favor of designs featuring the Queen's Beasts in cheerful colors.

The eccentric

For less conventional souvenir seekers, British designer Lydia Leith is selling temporary tattoos, sick bags and even a jelly mold of the Queen's bust. Yes, for £10 you could be eating 2 litres of Jell-O shaped like the Queen's head ("ideal for street parties," Leith says). Who doesn't want that? Add a scoop of ice cream with Joy's novelty Ice Queen Scoop dressed like Her Majesty, and now you've got a party.

Bringing your royal allegiance to the great outdoors, British home repair chain B&Q has been selling garden gnomes modeled after the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip.

The Royal Jubilee also means that smartphone cases featuring the Queen's likeness are now a thing. If you don't want Her Majesty staring at you from your pocket, however, Harrods has a case with a tasteful print of London tourist destinations.

Finally, for those who like to celebrate with a stiff drink, John Walker & Sons is selling a Diamond Jubilee blend of scotch, distilled in 1952. While it may get the party started, it may be best to drink in moderation — unless you're equipped with that royal sick bag.

by Chris Mejaski