'True Blood' Finale Recap: Will You Be Mine?

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The Season 6 finale "Radioactive" in a nutshell:


What happened:

  • Bill and Jason team up to save Sookie from Warlow
  • Pam flies off to find Eric
  • The people of Bon Temps contemplate alliances with vampires

Body count: 1 VIP (maybe 2)

Nudity count: 4-5

New people and places: None

Best line: "I do not complete you!” — Sookie to Warlow

What's the deal with... Pam? Where is she?


So after all that — after Billith, Warlow, the Vamp Camp, Gov. Burrell and Sarah Newlin, and daywalking — ”True Blood” basically becomes “The Walking Dead.”

It’s impossible not to see the similarity between the shows after watching the final scene of a horde of hungry vampires stumbling toward the restaurant formerly known as Merlotte’s. So is this what’s in store next year for “True Blood”? Will we see Sookie and crew constantly running from Hep V-infected vampires?

In any case, a very rushed finale capped off an up-and-down season of “True Blood.” The whole Warlow storyline happened so quickly, it already feels left behind in the dust (fitting, since that’s what he became). It was wrapped up with brutal efficiency, and the show hit the reset button by jumping ahead six months to set up next season.

Here’s how it all went down (and in flames)…

Sunny days, slipping away

After Terry’s funeral, Sookie and Alcide take a walk when they happen upon a crazy-looking scene: a group of vampires frolicking in the daylight! And Jason, whom Sookie has been worrying about, is with them!

He assures her everything’s OK and that he really likes Violet. Pam — Pam! — hugs her, as does Tara.


Amelia Rose Blaire, Tara Buck, Stephen Moyer, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, and Karolina Wydra in the 'True Blood' Season 6 episode, 'Radioactive.'
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Amelia Rose Blaire, Tara Buck, Stephen Moyer, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, and Karolina Wydra in the 'True Blood' Season 6 episode, 'Radioactive.'

After Sookie departs, the vamps continue to have fun in the sun. Jess and James team up to play volleyball against Jason and Violet, who’s so jealous of some flirting between Jess and Jason that she smashes the ball into the flame-haired vamp. Ouch.

On the sideline, a pensive Pam merely watches. Tara asks what’s wrong, and Pam admits she’s thinking of going after Eric. A flabbergasted Tara can’t believe it. “You guys are the worst f--king makers ever,” she says. Pam tells her to look after Willa, then flies off.

Inside, a despondent Bill watches over the happy scene. As he shows Jess, he’s lost his magical god-like powers. He’s Billith no longer. And he feels guilty, because their new ability comes with a price — Sookie’s life. She will become Warlow’s vampire bride, thanks to him. Jess urges him to save her, but he thinks it’s too late.

Jess reminds him of his wish to hold onto his humanity. The old Bill Compton “would've walked through fire to save Sookie's life.”

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Encouraged by her words, he goes to talk to Jason, who is understandably pissed about the situation. They have to save her, but how? Bill says she and Warlow are in fairy land, and there’s only person in Bon Temps who can get them there — Andy’s daughter, Adeline.

Andy is not going to like this plan. At all.

Red wedding

Over in that fairy land, Sookie is trying to get out of her impending vampire-hood and marriage. She tries convince Warlow to date her for a little longer and become part of the Bon Temps community. Now that her friends are safe, there’s no ticking clock.

“Date you? As in drive-in movies and bowling?” Warlow asks in disbelief, and reminds her she made a deal. Then he smacks her upside the head and starts to choke her. Yeah, guess he doesn’t want to delay their vows.


Rob Kazinsky in the 'True Blood' Season 6 episode, 'Radioactive.'
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Rob Kazinsky in the 'True Blood' Season 6 episode, 'Radioactive.'

When she awakens, Sookie is tied to a maypole. Warlow sneers that he hasn’t waited 5,500 years to “be part of a community.” He once had a beautiful, blessed life until Lilith took it away from him. He needs Sookie to fill the hole in his unbeating heart.

Sookie tries to form the supernova, but she’s no match for Warlow. He ties her up tighter and starts to feed on her.

Meanwhile, Jason and Violet arrive at the Bellefleur mansion to talk Andy and Adeline into helping them. Andy is all “hell no,” but Adeline wants to help. She couldn’t save her sisters, but she can try to do it for Sookie — the only other fairy she knows.

“Let’s do this s--t, then,” Andy growls, and he and Jason arm up with stakes and silver bullets. These sheriffs mean business.

At the cemetery, they’re met by Bill. He tries to coach Adeline into zapping them into fairy world, but as she reminds them, she’s only a few weeks old! And it’s not like fairies are born knowing how to do what they do.

Finally, Violet comes up with a solution: Scare the poor girl into doing it! Well, that works, and Adeline ports the whole group into fairy world.

And just in time — Warlow is greedily sucking Sookie’s blood. Bill rushes off to fight him while Jason and Violet grab Sookie. Adeline is once again scared into zapping them back to Bon Temps. Jason rushes Sookie back home where Violet gives her some blood and Andy stands guard outside.

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In fairy world, Warlow is kicking Bill’s butt. He also ports back to Bon Temps, with Bill grabbing his foot at the last moment. At Sookie’s house, he quickly takes care of Andy, Jason, and Violet, locking the first two in the basement chamber with Adeline. When Bill tries to follow him, he can’t get through the front door — Sookie had rescinded his invitation!

Warlow goes stalking for Sookie and finds her in the shower trying to make another supernova. He tells her not to push him away. “I do not complete you!” she cries. But what Warlow wants, he gets.

Except this time. Suddenly, the bathroom portal opens and Niall comes halfway out to grab Warlow. Jason, having managed to get out of the basement, comes running up to stake Warlow in the heart.

A shocked Warlow looks down at the wood protruding from his chest. He starts to disintegrate and melts into a blood puddle, then dust. Jason and Sookie pull Niall out of the portal to safety.

Outside, a flash comes over Bill’s body. Elsewhere, the same flash occurs to Jessica and James.

And on a cold, snowy, sunny mountaintop, the flash happens to a naked Eric, who’s lounging on a chair and reading.

With Warlow dead, his blood no longer offers any of them daylight protection. A horrified Eric catches on fire (and when he stands up, whoa — we see Alexander Skarsgard’s package).

“Nooooo!” he screams (as we and every other “True Blood” fan scream, too).

His body bursts into flames.

Six months later…

Time sure flies. In six months, Bill has written a bestseller about his days as a god, which includes his story of killing Gov. Burrell.

He’s promoting his book on "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" and talks about the problem of the spreading Hep V.

In her house, Sookie is watching the interview when a shirtless Alcide comes in to carry her off to bed. Oh, hey, girlfriend moved on and quick (not surprising).

Across town, in his house, Jason is, uh, pleasuring Violet. Guess they’re still together. But he’s not totally satisfied — he’s given her pleasure for many days now, but she hasn’t returned the favor. “In due time,” Violet purrs. Jason replies, “The time is due!”

The next day, Alcide and Sookie head to church for a big town gathering. Seems that Sam has become the mayor! Everyone is there to get tested to see if they’re a Hep V carrier. Even though it only sickens vamps, humans can pass it along. Rev. Daniels gives a little speech about togetherness, and then Sam invites everyone to Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill (say what?!) later that night. Arlene is hosting a free barbecue where people can learn their results.

Well, nothing in life comes for free, as one woman notes, so what’s the catch? Sam wants all clean humans to consider forming a monogamous feeding relationship with a healthy vampire. In turn, the vampires will protect their humans from roving, crazed, Hep-V-sufffering vamps.

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That evening, at Bellefleur’s (so weird to type that!), everyone’s having a grand old time. Vampires and humans are mixing. Sookie and Alcide get their results (both clean) and intend to only stay for an hour to say their hellos.

Tara and Willa are enjoying themselves when Tara’s mom comes up to her. She wants to talk. In private, a weeping Lettie May apologizes for not taking care of Tara as a child. She didn’t do what a mother should do back then, but she can do it now — Lettie May offers herself up for feeding. Tara is wary and too hurt at first, but Lettie begs. Tears in her eyes, Tara feeds on her mom. The circle of life, huh?

At the Bellefleur mansion, Andy and Adeline are home watching TV when someone knocks at the door. Armed with his gun, he finds a distraught Jessica standing outside. He instantly aims the gun at her, but Jess just wants to offer her protection to them — no blood attached. Andy looks like he’s going to pull the trigger, and Jess closes her eyes in acceptance, but the goodhearted sheriff can’t do it. He closes the door in her face, but a vigilant Jess stands on the lawn to watch over them.

As Alcide and Sookie leave the party, they run into Bill in the parking lot. He wants to know if Sookie formed an attachment, and she says no. Bill argues that she needs a vampire in her life, and despite Alcide’s protestations, the werewolf isn’t enough. Sookie firmly tells him that she’ll take her chances.

Just then, both Alcide and Bill smell something rotten. In the woods, a band of dirty, hungry vampires is trudging toward the bar. A few more join them, and a few more, and then some more. Soon, it’s a horde — and they want dinner.

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