A Wistful Frankie Muniz Reveals His Celebrity Crush

OMG Famous

Stop the presses, people: This is news. Frankie Muniz -- disillusioned former child star, aspiring rock star and sworn enemy of Shia LaBeouf -- has a celebrity crush. Who is she? None other than Rachel McAdams, who everyone has a crush on. But whatever. Today Muniz tweeted: "Have to admit... Morning Glory was really good.... Rachel McAdams is still my celebrity crush..."

Too bad for Muniz that McAdams, who portrays a flustered TV producer in "Morning Glory," a romantic comedy also co-starring Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, is dating actor Michael Sheen, who is a movie stand-in for Tony Blair.

Whatever, Michael Sheen: Frankie Muniz is richer than you, he'll have you know! He's so rich, he retired at age 19 with $40 million in the bank. He's so rich ... ok, we'll shut up now.