Willow Smith … as ‘Annie’?

OMG Famous

Adjectives associated with Willow Smith: plucky, precocious and unique (especially regarding her off-the-wall hairstyles).

These qualities clearly make the 9-year-old "Whip My Hair" phenomenon a perfectchoice to portray orphan "Annie" in a remake of the movie musical, don't you think? At least that's what Smith's father, the obscure film star Will Smith, has in mind. According to Variety, the actor is hoping to score Willow a leading role in an "Annie" update with Jay-Z in talks to collaborate on the soundtrack.

We're .... intrigued! While we skipped Willow's brother -- and Bieber BFF -- Jaden in the wildly successful "Karate Kid," we're eager to see how Willow would channel the spunky, idealistic orphan who warbled "Tomorrow" at the top of her lungs (somewhat annoyingly). One thing is certain: Willow's Annie would be much cooler than the red-headed original.

If this deal goes down, should her real-life dad play Daddy Warbucks?