Watch Rachel Zoe Give a Tour of Son Skylar’s Closet

OMG Famous

If you had any doubts that Rachel Zoe's son Skylar would be ridiculously spoiled in the clothing department (you didn't), ABC News is here to take us inside the baby closet.

Zoe gave a "Nightline" reporter a look at Skylar's shoe collection, his closet of sweaters and his very own Gucci bomber jacket.


While it's kind of adorable seeing Zoe all doting and excited like this, we've got some questions. Isn't he going to grow out of all this in like two weeks? Is she going to keep restocking this expansive supply of clothes? Does he like wearing Ralph Lauren shoes and Missoni cardigans?

Eh, who are we kidding... we're just jealous that a 4-month-old is way better dressed than we are.