Watch Dane Cook Serenade Taylor Swift On The ‘Tonight Show’

OMG Famous

Proving that no one on this planet is immune to the charms of the blonde country star, comedian Dane Cook performed a shirtless serenade last night for Taylor Swift, his fellow guest on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show."

While Cook's commitment to the bit was impressive -- he actually sported a Swift "tattoo" on his chest -- the actual execution left something to be desired. He rhymed "Swift" with "gift" at one point and closed the song by repeating "We love you, Taylor" a bunch of times. Oh, and he worked in some blatant references to his new comedy album as well, which really made the whole thing seem totally sincere.

Swift -- who was asked earlier in the show about her awards show "surprised" face (her response: "It's so exciting! I never thought I was gonna be at awards shows and nominated, and then you win them. It's just like, 'What?!' It's always fun!") -- seemed half-baffled and half-embarrassed by Cook's ditty. At times shielding her eyes and at one point curtsying awkwardly, she was probably brainstorming the lyrics to a song called "Gift Horse" or "Fairytale Serenade" all the while.