Wanna Be Apple Martin’s Tutor? Read These Requirements

OMG Famous

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have put out an ad seeking a tutor for daughter Apple, 7, and son, Moses, 5. According to the Sun, the couple prefer someone who can teach the kids ancient Greek, Latin, French and Spanish. A potential candidate must be:

--Fluent in four languages

--Able to play two instruments

--An Oxbridge University graduate

--Passionate about sailing and tennis

Those are strict requirements. We're pretty sure there's only one person in the whole wide world who can match them. That person might not want to take the job. But wait, there are some perks: they'd get paid a salary of 60,000 pounds for 2-4 hours of work per day. They'd get a free flat in West London, and the opportunity to travel around the world with the whole family. (Yes, we so would. But first, we need to work on the "perfect" part.)

Where art thou, Mary Poppins? Gwyneth needs you!