Wait, Kanye West Is A Modelizer?

OMG Famous

Blame "Sex And The City" for introducing the term "modelizer" into the cultural lexicon. It most certainly applies to a lot of dudes in New York City, where off-duty models prowl the crowded streets and subways like hungry gazelles, scavenging for their next big break in a Target commercial, or, if they're lucky, "America's Next Top Model." Or, if they're even luckier, the chance to become famous as Kanye West's latest arm candy. That's not hard to do because the rapper is, like, the second biggest modelizer of all time, after Donald Trump.

Much to our non-surprise, Page Six is reporting that West was spotted having an "intimate dinner" with a model named Sian Honeybell at La Bottega at the Maritime Hotel in the Big Apple. She ate a "pizza robiola," whatever that is, and they "downed plenty of Pinot Grigio," Ramona Singer-style. (According to this bio, Honeybell is a 21-year-old, 5-foot, 9-inch Aussie. She sort of resembles Diane Kruger.)

West reportedly keeps many, many more models in rotation. Earlier this week, The Famous witnessed at least a dozen size-0 specimens sitting together at a listening party for West and Jay-Z's collaboration "Watch The Throne" at the Museum of Natural History. The rappers arrived about 30 minutes behind schedule: Jay-Z's vast entourage included Beyonce (wearing jean shorts!) and her sister Solange (wearing an ankle-length white skirt and animal-print blouse!). Meanwhile, West clearly invited an array of models/potential girlfriends. That's how Kanye rolls. Then again, sometimes he surprises us.