VIDEO: Kardashian Denies Wedding Was Made for TV and Money

Joseph Brannigan Lynch
OMG Famous

Things move fast in the world of Kardashian. Kim gave her first on-camera interview in Australia for a radio show defending herself against speculation that her 72-day wedding to Kris Humphries was for money.

"I want to make clear that I would never marry for a TV show, for money, for anything like that, and I think that's really ridiculous that I have to even defend that," Kim told the Aussie radio hosts. "But I guess that's what comes along with when you film your wedding for a reality show."

As for why she's Down Under in the first place, she said she wanted to "honor her commitment" to a business trip intended to promote her handbag line.

"It's a tough situation and I'm trying to do the best that I can. It's actually an escape to be able to come here, I have this work commitment," she said in the Aussie interview. "To get my mind off everything."

Speaking of business and financial matters, Kris Jenner took to the "Today" show this morning to promote her new book -- and to deny the marriage was a financial boon to the family. She said claims that Kardashian made millions off her televised nuptials are "absolutely false," and that, in fact, Kim had to put forth some of her own money to finance the event.