‘Vanity Fair’ Unveils New William and Kate Picture on Its Cover

OMG Famous

Now that we're about a month out from the Royal Wedding, we desperately needed an injection of Kate/William news to keep us afloat (one can subsist on pictures of Pippa Middleton walking around Europe only for so long). Thankfully, Vanity Fair was happy to oblige, devoting their July cover to the couple.

The shot here is from the set taken by Mario Testino after the pair's engagement last fall (several of which were released as the official engagement photos). This one is an extreme close-up that manages to come across as fairly intimate, the kind of picture you might take of your friends while you're sitting around a table at dinner. ("Too close!" Kate might say. "It's fine, you look great!" you'd respond.)

While the corresponding article won't be out in full until Thursday, the Daily Mail says the piece will take a look at the couple's path to marriage (because no one knows anything about that) but will also include quirky little details, such as what they requested on their honeymoon (Brussels sprouts and cream cheese, both of which are sure to sell out of grocery stores worldwide immediately), how they watched a repeat of their wedding on TV, and who does the chores around their home (can't wait to get the scoop on that one!).

Additionally, the piece will reveal that William prefers to go by "Prince William" (as opposed to "Duke William"), which means Kate will be known as "Princess Catherine" instead of "Duchess Catherine." Update the fan art that adorns your the walls of your home accordingly.