Tony Parker’s Mother Crashes Eva Longoria’s Book Signing

OMG Famous

In a story that sounds like it was taken right from a "Desperate Housewives" script, Eva Longoria was doing a book signing at a San Antonio, Texas, bookstore on Saturday when the mother of her ex-husband, Tony Parker, barged into the store in tears.

According to accounts from individuals at the signing (via Perez Hilton), Parker's mother, Pamela Firestone, wrote a letter to Longoria right then and there (seems like you'd want to maybe have this letter prepared beforehand for such an occasion, but who knows). Firestone reportedly handed the letter to Longoria and then left the premises.

Longoria was said to have "kept her composure" and continued with the signing.

Adding another strange wrinkle to the tale is that Longoria and new boyfriend Eduardo Cruz (Penelope's brother) were staying in the same San Antonio hotel as Parker for the weekend.

Also, it's been a week and neither TMZ or Radar or anyone has gotten their hands on this letter!? How is this possible?