Title Suggestions For Pippa Middleton’s Book

OMG Famous

Pippa Middleton is selling a book on party hosting for which she stands to earn $1.6 million -- not bad for the sister of the most famous bride in the world. (NOT YOU, KIM.)

Middleton, whose arse stole Duchess Catherine's thunder at the Royal Wedding, has reportedly met with publishers including HarperCollins about the book (ETA: December 2012. Stocking stuffer alert. Yay.)

She edits the newsletter for her parents' party-planning business, so she's got some experience with the subject.

Let's suggest some Pippa-unapproved titles that would doubtless be scrapped in a second:

  • Getting Pippa'd: How To Be The Hostess With the Mostess
  • Party Butt
  • A Socialite's Guide To Throwing the Best Parties (And Landing A Rich Husband With A Title, Preferably)
  • The Other Middleton Girl: Life In My Sister's Shadow

Over at the Guardian, a crack journalist has published Middleton's "leaked" book pitch. Sadly, it's only satire.

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