That Time Denise Richards and Simon Cowell Went On A Blind Date…

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Simon Cowell and Denise Richards are two celebrities you've probably never associated with one another (unless you have a tendency toward trippy celebrity-related dreams).

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But the two, in fact, shared one special night together several years ago.

Cowell revealed on "The Howard Stern Show" yesterday that the two were once set up on a "bizarre kind of blind date" at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills.

"She turned up 8 months pregnant and had a dog in her handbag," Cowell said.

While Stern speculated that her pregnancy must have been a "turnoff," Cowell said he found her quite charming.

"[It was] a little bit [of a turn-off]," he said. "She is gorgeous. I liked her a lot, I think she's cute, funny, a bit of a wacko...but I like that."

He then mysteriously added, "We met up afterwards," providing us with a visual we hope we can quickly get out of our heads.