SpongeBob Arrested In New York

OMG Famous

A man dressed up as SpongeBob SquarePants was busted by an undercover cop for accosting riders on a New York City subway train, much to the amusement of Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz. He posted a photo of the arrest on the group's Tumblr blog, detailing a bizarre encounter with the SpongeBob impersonator:

"so i'm on the F train the other day and this ... guy bumps into me and tries to run the broken watch scam on me. you know what I mean...he shows me some bull----y watch on his wrist and he's like...'yo. you broke my f---in' watch! you owe me 500 dollars.' he started getting really close and all in my personal space."

As it happened, SpongeBob lost interest and walked into the next car, wherein "some kind of scuffle" erupted after a failed attempt to steal a rider's BlackBerry. Then he got handcuffed, and Horovitz got this picture.