Snooki Loses License, Could Be Charged Following Car Accident

OMG Famous

Snooki is facing some decidedly un-chill (we're trying to use her language here) fallout from the car accident she was involved in over the weekend.

After the "Jersey Shore" star hit a cop car in Florence, Italy on Monday afternoon (co-star and fellow "meatball" Deena Nicole was in the front seat of the Fiat Multipla she was driving), Snooki's license was revoked, according to Us Weekly. Additionally, Snooks might be heading to court in light of the incident, which sent two Italian police officers to the hospital for minor injuries.

While she is not likely to tried in criminal court, she could face a civil action suit from the two officers, who, it turns out, had been hired to help escort her through the city.

The two cops have 90 days to decide whether or not to press charges against Snooki, per Italian law.

Snooki -- who did not have any alcohol in her system at the time of the crash -- was seen in a neck brace Tuesday.

Meanwhile, with all of this drama -- as well as word of a Ronnie-Situation brawl -- we must admit we are getting a little bit excited for "Jersey Shore" again.