Shakira and Longtime Boyfriend/Agent Separate

OMG Famous

Shakira and her boyfriend of 11 years, Antonio de la Rua, have separated. Rua, who is the son of a former president of Argentina, also serves as Shakira's agent, a job he'll apparently keep for the time being despite the "temporary" split.

In a long and formal letter on her website (with the deceptively innocuous title "France 1/10/11"), the pair announced that the separation actually happened in August and that they will "remain friends and business partners."

"We view this period of separation as temporary and as a time of individual growth as we continue to be partners in our business and professional lives... Antonio continues to oversee and conduct my business and career interests as he has always done. We move forward as partners, developing projects together, working hand in hand and in close communication. Our friendship and understanding of one another is unwavering and indestructible."

Shakira has been spotted in recent months with Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique, though she has denied reports that the duo are involved romantically.