The Seven Most Amusing Tweets Alec Baldwin Wrote Today

OMG Famous

Alec Baldwin has quickly established himself as one of the weirdest, most wonderful celebrities on Twitter. It's become clear that Baldwin's up for responding to just about any query @-ed his way. Seriously, if you have a question you want to ask Alec Baldwin, tweet it at him now -- he'll probably respond.

Here are the seven most amusing/strange responses Baldwin's tweeted back at fans today.

On acting:

"@zackhendler: @AlecBaldwin how much to teach me how to act?" Acting can't be taught. It's like putting new seats in a car.

On his tweeting habits:

"@GabeKornbluh: @AlecBaldwin why do you only reply to women?" Duh.......

On how to score "SNL" tix:

"@hofftwit: @AlecBaldwin what's a guy gotta do to get 2 tickets to SNL next time you host?" Sleep with Kenneth Parcell

On.... actually, we have no idea how to classify this one:

"@DHPLover: @AlecBaldwin If you were stranded on a island together, which part of Tiny Fey would you eat first?" The Greek part

On the female form:

"@emmy_gee: @AlecBaldwin T or A?" T. Then A. Then a bit more T. Then back to' the A.

On his television preferences:

"@LauLauJuice: @AlecBaldwin favorite reality show?" Hoarders

On his sex appeal:

"@CATHELINE08: @AlecBaldwin why are you so sexy?" Due to the generosity and blurry vision of people like you