Selena Gomez’s Life Is In Real Danger From Stalker, Says LAPD

Joseph Brannigan Lynch
OMG Famous

That cute new puppy aside, life has been throwing Selena Gomez some curve balls lately. Not only is her famous Bieber beau weathering paternity allegations, but the LAPD agrees that the man she accuses of stalking her between July and October poses a legitimate threat to her life.

According to a sworn declaration from an LAPD detective charged with investigating Gomez's allegations, 46-year-old Thomas Brodnicki actually is a "serious threat" to the teen-pop singer, TMZ reports. Interviewing Brodnicki during his forced stay in a psychiatric ward just weeks ago, the detective says the alleged stalker "reiterated he had many conversations with God about killing Ms. Gomez" (apparently the Big Guy Upstairs isn't a "Wizards of Waverly Place" fan) and made it clear he would not return to Illinois until he had met Selena.

These papers were filed this morning to bolster Gomez's effort to make her temporary restraining order against the defendant permanent. Brodnicki, who has served time in jail for stalking before, pleaded not guilty to the felony of criminal stalking yesterday in court. Well, to be exact, his lawyer pleaded 'not guilty' while Brodnicki himself made bizarre faces at the judge behind his own lawyer's back.

Perhaps noticing the defendant was intentionally contorting his face while trying to establish his innocence, the judge put Brodnicki behind bars with a $150,000 bail until their next court date on November 16. The court also issued a criminal protective order, which will force the alleged stalker to hand over any firearms once he's released ... which, unless he has $150,000 lying around, could be a while.

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