Scarlett Johansson’s Rebound: Jason Sudeikis?

OMG Famous

Our deep suspicion that "Saturday Night Live" star Jason Sudeikis has read notorious pickup manual The Game may have been answered. Life & Style is reporting that Sudeikis, who recently broke up with January Jones and had a fling with Jennifer Aniston, was seen on a curious "double date" with none other than Scarlett Johansson. We have no doubt the unlikely casanova attempted to A) console her over her split from Ryan Reynolds and B) get in her pants.

Sudeikis and and ScarJo met another "SNL" star, Will Forte (aka Macgruber) and his ladyfriend at the Santa Monica pub Father's Office. Says a source, "Scarlett and Jason were flirting and making lots of eye contact. He reached across the table twice to grab her hand."

While the actress' rep insists they're just friends, we suspect Sudeikis is laying the groundwork for something more: Since ScarJo is back on the market, and doubtless in a somewhat fragile state, he'll tread gently and stealthily by inviting her out for a "platonic" dinner, listening to her problems and cracking jokes like funnymen are wont to do. She'll think nothing of it ... at first. But then -- poof! -- they go from "just friends" to sporting matching robes on Valentine's Day in Cabo.