Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz May Not Be Single After All

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Last week brought news of two high-profile celebrity break-ups, as it was reported by reputable sources that Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn, as well as Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez, had called it quits.

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But observers at the two major awards shows this weekend -- the Spike TV Awards Saturday night and the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night -- noted apparent reunions between both couples.

On Saturday night, Penn and Johansson posed for a photograph together backstage. Now, this certainly doesn't mean they are dating again or anything like that, but -- considering they were extremely private about their relationship when they were dating -- it seems somewhat curious. We will note that they both look a bit uncomfortable (Penn more so than Johansson) in the picture.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night, Diaz and Rodriguez dispelled rumors of their own split more convincingly, as they stayed close at the MTV Movie Awards afterparty and were "very affectionate" and held hands. (They were also seen together the night before, also at the SoHo House.)

What to believe anymore? Our whole understanding of the celebrity world is fracturing.