Sandra Bullock Is Really Dating Ryan Reynolds

OMG Famous

When we heard Sandy and RyRy -- errr, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds -- spent New Year's Eve together in Austin, Texas, we had a hunch something romantical was brewing between them. Well, it's all happening: "The Proposal" co-stars grace the covers of this week's batch of celebrity magazines including Us Weekly and <OK.

Notice how Bullock and Reynolds reduced Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal to wee photo on the lower-righthand corner of the Us cover, which triumphantly declares: "IT'S ON!" A source close to Reynolds dishes, "I'm sure they've bonded over the breakups. Going through a divorce is a unique thing to live through."

Just days before Christmas, Reynolds filed for divorce from soon-to-be-ex-wife Scarlett Johansson; According to OK</>, Bullock -- who survived a devastating split from cheatin' hubby Jesse James -- consoled Reynolds over the phone in his time of need. Then she invited him to Austin, where they rang in 2011 with a midnight kiss at the restaurant Bess Bistro.

Meanwhile, we can't help but recall the MTV Movie Awards in June, when Bullock smooched ScarJo on stage in a Madonna-Britneyesque show of friendship. Hollywood is a very small town. But we can't blame Bullock for putting the moves on Reynolds, and vice versa....