Ricki Lake Says “DWTS” Has Helped Her Drop 20 Pounds

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Anyone with an eye on this season of "Dancing With the Stars" can that see Ricki Lake is dropping some serious pounds on the dance floor, but last night the actress/former talk show host shared that she's 20 pounds slimmer thanks to her increasingly-acclaimed footwork on the ballroom floor.

Lake -- who at one point tipped the scales at 270 pounds -- is currently engaged to her boyfriend of 13 months, and is even waiting to try out bridal dresses until her transformation is complete. "I'm definitely a size six now," Lake recently shared. "I'll probably be a size four by the end of it. It's come to the point where it doesn't matter. I no longer wear Spanx."

So thanks to six weeks of competitive dancing (plus a few weeks of pre-premiere rehearsals), Lake is rocking a trimmer body than we've ever seen before. After five hours of rehearsal with pro partner Derek Hough each day, Lake says she is "going home and eating a balanced meal. It's really that simple ." She recently told People she's "obsessed with gazpacho" and starts her day with healthy eats like oatmeal and veggie omelets.

Even if there won't be a Kirstie Alley-esque weight loss shocker this season (100 pounds lost!), plenty of other celebrities are reaping the benefits of rigorous exercise and jubilant toe-tapping.

Cable TV legal commentator Nancy Grace so far hasn't bested Ricki when it comes to tripping the light fantastic, but she's almost matched her in terms of weight loss, dropping 16 lbs thus far. Unlike Lake, though, Grace wasn't looking to change shape when she joined the show's 13th season. "I just think women should love their bodies like they are," Grace says.

The boys on "DWTS" are also slimming down their waistlines. (Brother of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney) Rob Kardashian says he still eats what he wants but guesses he's now less than 200 pounds, while Son-of-Cher Chaz Bono lost 5 pounds within the first six days of rehearsals, according to his pro partner.

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-- Joseph Brannigan Lynch

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