Report: Sean Penn Dumped Scarlett Johansson

OMG Famous

When it was revealed last week that Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson had called it quits, there was no explanation given for what led to the split.

Now Us Weekly is offering a (sort of vague) reason for the breakup. The magazine reports that Penn broke it off after five months because he didn't want anything "serious" after his divorce in 2010 from Robin Wright.

"Scarlett pursued him," their "insider" said.

Meanwhile, the portrayal of Johansson's behavior at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards Saturday night is, to say the least, unflattering.

... She scrambled for face time with the Oscar winner. "She pushed herself into his conversations," a witness tells Us. "She sat down between him and Robert De Niro. Robert was like 'What?' and made a face."

Johansson also made sure they were snapped together. "A photographer asked for a shot," the source says. "Before Sean could say no, she said yes."

Let's hope this is just the result of some quick work on the part of Penn's publicist because we really don't want to think of Johansson as groveling like this... especially over Sean Penn.