Report: Rihanna Rides Train to Concert

OMG Famous

Rihanna? She's just like us: she takes the train to her own concerts. The pop star rode the subway -- nay, The Tube -- with ecstatic fans before the first of 10 sold-out shows at London's 02 arena last night, the London Evening Standard reports.

"I met Rihanna on my way home, told her she was crazy for taking the Tube," a passenger named Lisa O'Keefe was quoted as saying. "'She said, 'Dunno how you guys do it.'... She was lovely and chatty but I wasn't quick enough for a snap with her. I had to double look, her accent was more of a giveaway."

The Standard managed to get its hands on a shot of RiRi posing with a fan and looking low-key (yet barely incognito) in a white top, black sunglasses and headwrap.

It was a cool thing to do -- but not entirely original. (The Famous shall never tire of "Celebrities Riding The Subway" photos.)

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