Report: Prince Harry Is Single, Chelsy Davy Ready To Mingle

OMG Famous

Attention, Harry Hunters: the Gingered Prince of Your Fantasies may one day be yours. One day. His on-again, off-again, what-the-hell-are-they relationship with Chelsy Davy has hit a rough patch, the Daily Mail reports. This past weekend, Davy went on holiday in Ibiza -- this sentence is clearly meant to be read in a posh British accent (ours comes out Cockney) -- and someone overheard her saying she's "young, free and single."

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is allegedly eager to settle down with the 25-year-old law student. He faces skepticism on Davy's part: she feels jealous of other women vying for his attention, as well as pressured by "the lifestyle of a Royal girlfriend."

That makes sense. Nothing about Davy screams "cookie cutter," or "traditional." The Zimbabwe-born blonde seems to relish her independence, and is frequently photographed looking as if she just rolled right out of bed. It's obvious she rather be a Sexy Pippa than a Duchess Kate, who can't risk making one single mistake in public. Becoming the future Queen of England is not all it's cracked up to be. Still. Harry and Davy seem to have a real thing going on, and that's worth something, right? A million girls would kill to be in Davy's shoes, and they're waiting in the wings. So she has to make a decision: does she want this or not?